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The Catalogue of 21st DOMANI: The Art of Tomorrow Exhibition (Jpn/Eng)

[item title="概要|Overview"]文化庁による「新進芸術家海外研修制度(旧・芸術家在外研修)」の成果発表の場として開催される「未来を担う美術家たち 文化庁芸術家在外研修の成果|DOMANI・明日展」のカタログ。編集で参加。25 × 19cm、130ページ、日英併記。[購入方法]

The Agency for Cultural Affairs has implemented the Program of Overseas Study for Upcoming Artists since 1967. The annual exhibition “DOMANI: The Art of Tomorrow Exhibition - The Achievements of the Japanese Government Agency for Cultural Affairs Overseas Study Program for Upcoming Artists” presents the program's achievements. This is the catalog of the 19th exhibition. 25 × 19cm, 130 pages, Japanese/English. [How to purchase (Japanese)]
[item title="目次|Contents"]
[item title="クレジット|Publication data"]発行:文化庁
監修:林 洋子(文化庁)
編集:内田伸一、アート・ベンチャー・オフィス ショウ
アート・ディレクション:見増勇介(yusuke mimasu design)
デザイン:見増勇介|竹内敦子(yusuke mimasu design)
翻訳:hanare x Social Kitchen Translation

Published by Agency for Cultural Affairs, Japan
Supervised by Yoko Hayashi (Agency for Cultural Affairs)
Edited by Shinichi Uchida, Art Venture Office SHOU
Design direction: Yusuke Mimasu (yusuke mimasu design)
Design: Yusuke Mimasu, Atsuko Takeuchi (yusuke mimasu design)
Translation: hanare x Social Kitchen Translation
Printing: Shumpousha Co., Ltd.

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